DualForce™ Punch Pliers

DualForce™ Complete Kit includes unique Punch Pliers that securely grip the matrix tab for ease of placement. Once the restoration is complete, the Punch Pliers can be applied anywhere you desire to punch a hole in the band for ease of removal.


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  • Punch Pliers facilitate easy placement and removal of Ultra-Wrap™ Matrix Bands
  • Sharp point perforates metal or plastic Matrix Bands to assist in removing
  • When tips are closed, can be used to burnish Matrix Bands if necessary

Clinical Technique

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Parag R. Kachalia.

Dentistry and Photography Courtesy of Dr. Robert Margeas.


Click here to view the DualForce Sectional Matrix System Product Sheet.

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Instructions For Use / SDS

Click here to view the DualForce Sectional Matrix System Instructions For Use/SDS.


Dr. Michael Miyasaki on the Dual-Force Sectional Matrix System from CCI/CRD on Vimeo.


How do I prevent the DualForce ring from popping off the tooth?2019-04-08T15:22:49-04:00

Ensure that the DualForce Ring is fully seated by gently pressing down on the plastic separating prongs (never directly on the dual NiTi rings) once it is placed on the tooth.

How do I prevent the plastic on the rings from breaking?2019-04-08T15:23:49-04:00

Ensure that the proper sterilization temperature and method are being used.
It is recommended to use a steam autoclave at 273
oF only.

Ensure that the ring is expanded sufficiently to avoid premature contact of the separating prongs with the tooth as it is being seated.

Are there any tips for placement?2019-04-08T15:24:12-04:00
  1. Approach the tooth with the expanded ring at a 45o angle. 
  2. Place the separating prongs as close as possible to the gingival crest and gently press down on the plastic to ensure that it is fully seated. The dual NiTi rings themselves should never be manipulated as this will cause the separating prongs to shift.
  3. DualForce Rings are designed to sit at a 20o angle to allow for nesting of a second ring, to avoid a rubber dam clamp, and to clear an adjacent prominent cusp.


Product Configurations

  • Punch Pliers single unit

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