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Clinical Articles2024-05-16T10:31:13-04:00

Achieving Clinical Success Utilizing the DualForce™ Sectional Matrix System

By Susan Prater-Kudlats, DMD

Although Class II restorations are routine amongst restorative dentists, they still present challenges when it comes to proper contour isolation, and marginal seal. Failure to achieve adequate contour can lead to food packing, gingival inflammation, and bone loss over time. The inability to ensure isolation can result in post-operative sensitivity; the marginal seal is essential to prevent recurrent decay.

March 8th, 2024|

An Ultra-conservative Path Leads to Unparalleled Patient Satisfaction

By Ellen Katz, DDS

There is a feeling of immense satisfaction when you complete an esthetic case, and the patient cannot stop smiling because you have delivered exactly what they had envisioned. It can be challenging for a patient to communicate what it is that they do not like about their smile, leaving the possibility that the clinician does not completely understand what procedure to perform. It takes active listening, restating, rephrasing, and follow-up questioning to clarify what vague description of dislike for their smile may be.

March 7th, 2024|


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