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Creating Beautiful Anterior Composite Restorations

By David Chan, DMD, AAACD

I believe there are two important concepts that should be embraced when considering direct restorative materials for anterior restorations: 1. Composite restorations can be indistinguishable from natural dentition and 2. Composite materials aren’t an inferior option to porcelain.

November 7th, 2023|

The Back-to-Back Class II Composite: A Predictable Workflow for One of the Most Common Clinical Procedures

By Megan Shelton, DMD

While it may be one of the most common procedures in most restorative dental offices, the efficient placement of multiple Class II composites in a single quadrant can be technically demanding. Creating strong and natural proximal contours and contacts with the restoration of even a single Class II composite restoration can pose a challenge using traditional matrix systems.

November 6th, 2023|

Treating Decay Subgingivally with the Bluewave™ Soft Tissue Diode Laser

By Fred Peck, DDS, FAACD

Every day, dentists encounter decay in areas of the mouth where the teeth are a challenge to effectively treat, due to the decay extending beneath the gingival tissue. Saving these teeth is beneficial to the patient in maintaining function and esthetics, even more so if it can be done in a cost-effective manner.

November 3rd, 2023|


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