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Dr. Ronald Jordan Composite Instrument Series

The Dr. Ronald Jordan (REJ) Composite Instrument Series allows for enhanced handling, no material pull back, and perfect placement. Made with proprietary stainless steel and coated in non-porous Titanium Nitride, the instrument tips provide strength, flexibility, and a non-stick, smooth surface that enables accurate composite placement.


  • Titanium Nitride coating provides a non stick surface
  • Larger handle size is more comfortable, provides enhanced tactile control, and alleviates hand and muscle fatigue during longer procedures
  • Will not discolor

REJ #01

Superior flexibility makes this perfect labial, lingual, and gingival sculpting. This instrument features both a “hockey stick” shaped blade as well as a “beaver tail” shaped blade allowing for the placement of material in a more delicate manner.

REJ #02

Designed for initial labial compaction and sculpting, the blades of the REJ#02 are slightly longer and wider than those of the REJ#01. While not designed for fine detailing, the blades are perfect for initial increment shaping.

REJ #03

An choice for working interproximally or for packing retraction cord. The thin, highly flexible blade reaches under margins to hone and sculpt. It is also perfect when you need to delicately place composite in any critical location.

REJ #04

Designed for interproximal shaping, it is ideal for shaping composites and embrasure areas of diastema closure restorations (it is not designed for packing composites).

REJ #10

Features a paddle end and a condenser end and is specifically designed for condensing into box preparations and carrying syringe material to the preparation site. The REJ #10 blade is slightly longer and wider than the REJ #02 blade. It is also excellent for contouring.

REJ #20

A double-ended condenser, this instrument is perfect for condensing material in all box form preparations, and if you apply composite via compule. The instrument features two sizes of condenser (large and small) to facilitate macro and micro packing techniques.

REJ #21

This is a double-ended condenser. Often after the composite has been inserted into the tooth, a change in instruments is required as the width of the cavity changes from the depth of the box into an extension of one of the fissures. Having this instrument on hand eliminates the need to search for another separate instrument.

REJ #22

Designed for use on the occlusal anatomy, the rounded ends of the REJ#22 are ideal for sculpting composites and for pulling excess composite away from the cavo surface margin. Its pointed ends allow for delicate shaping of the inclines.


Product Configurations

  • REJ Complete Set
  • Individual instruments
    • #01, #02, #03, #04, #10, #20, #21, #22

Instructions For Use

Click here to view REJ Instrument Series IFU (North America)

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