Clinician’s Profile

Michael Miyasaki, DDS

Michael A. Miyasaki, DDS, is an active clinician in private practice in Sacramento, CA, where he maintains a general restorative practice focusing on aesthetics and function. He has been a dental educator for over 24 years involved in live-patient programs, international speaking and writing, corporate evaluations and development, and laboratory consulting. Dr. Miyasaki brings technology into his practice if it will enhance his care and the quality of his patients’ experience. He has been a user of intra-oral cameras since 1989, and digital radiography since 1996. These experiences give Dr. Miyasaki a very unique perspective on the dental industry, and his primary focus today is to bring information and products to doctors and their teams so that they continue to provide high quality, and predictable treatment experiences for their patients, thereby, enhancing their practices’ success.