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True™ Dental Dam provides the fit, seal and isolation you demand for better clinical outcomes.



  • Easily punched, stretched and placed supporting effective and efficient isolation set-up procedures.
  • Glides smoothly through contacts and tucks into the sulcus allowing for true placement confidence.
  • Exceptionally durable and tear resistant, delivering the seal and tissue protection you expect.
  • Helps to reduce contamination to create a clean, clear operative field.
  • Available in medium gauge, 5” x 5” or 6” x 6” latex (blue) and latex-free (purple) options.

Product Configurations

Latex (Blue)

  • 5” x 5” – 52/pk
  • 6” x 6” – 36/pk

Latex Free (Purple)

  • 5” x 5” – 50/pk
  • 6” x 6” – 50/pk

Clinical Techniques

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Bob Margeas, DDS

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Anthony Mennito, DMD


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