Groovy Diamond Polishing Brushes

Groovy Diamond® Polishing Brushes are diamond impregnated bristle brushes that create an ultra-high shine by polishing the surface grooves and detailed anatomy.

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Groovy Diamond Polishing Wheel is ideally suited for polishing the central fossa and occlusal surface of posterior restorations – adapting to every ridge and fossa, as well as the texture, rolling anatomy, and interproximal embrasures of direct veneers and Class IV restorations.

Groovy Mid-Size brush permits access to interproximal areas, small restorations, and cervical restorations, all the while minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding soft tissue.

Groovy Occlusal brush is ideally suited for polishing occlusal and interproximal surfaces on Class III and IV restorations.

Groovy Universal brush easily polishes facial and lingual surfaces.

  • Work faster than silicone carbide brushes and provide a higher shine
  • Will not lose their bristles like other polishing brushes do
  • No need for multiple steps or messy polishing pastes
  • Can be autoclaved and re-used dozens of times
  • Truly universal, work on all hybrids, porcelain, and bisacryl temporaries

Clinical Techniques


Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Robert Margeas


Click here to view the Finishing and Polishing Guide.

Instructions For Use / SDS

Product Configurations

Groovy Mix-Packs: 

  • 6-pack: 2 x Universal, 2 x Mid-Size, 2 x Occlusal
  • Tri-pack: 4 x Universal, 4 x Occlusal, 4 x Mid-Size


  • Universal: 6 x Universal
  • Occlusal: 6 x Occlusal
  • Mid-Size: 6 x Mid-Size
  • Wheel: 6 x Wheel


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