Detail Pre-Impression Cleansing Gel

Detail Pre-Impression Cleansing Gel

Detail™ is a 10% EDTA pre-impression cleansing gel that guarantees a clean, decontaminated prep site and, consequently, an accurate impression every time


Contaminated preparation site – preventing an accurate and properly cured impression.

Clean preparation site. In just 7-10 seconds, DETAIL removes contaminants and surface debris, leaving the dentin tubule plugs in place, and allowing for a clean, decontaminated preparation site.

Consider Detail™ Pre-Impression Cleansing Gel your insurance policy against surface contaminates and your guarantee of a perfect impression.

  • Guarantees a clean, decontaminated prep site, improves impression accuracy
  • Lifts organic debris and contaminants like sulfur and methacrylate residue in just 7-10 seconds
  • Leaves behind a squeaky-clean impression surface
  • Lowers the surface tension of the preparation so your impression material contacts the surface more intimately
  • Use in conjunction with 3rd Generation Affinity Hydroactive Impression Material for an even better and more efficient impression procedure

Clinical Technique

In only 7-10 seconds, Detail leaves behind not only a clean preparation, but also a hydroactive surface – both will yield the cleanest, most detailed impression you’ve ever seen.

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Gildos Santos.

CEREC Application

Prep site covered with Cerec powder (titanium dioxide opaquing medium) for Cerec imaging. It is critical to remove the powder for good adhesion.

Prep site after a 10 second application of Detail.

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Steve Tsotsos.


Instructions For Use / SDS

Click here to view the Detail Pre-Impression Cleansing Gel Instructions for Use / SDS.

Product Configurations


  • 4-3mL syringes, 50-20 gauge flocked needle tips, instructions/SDS

Tissue Goo/Detail Trial Pack

  • 2-3mL Tissue Goo syringes, 2-3mL Detail syringes, needle tips, instructions/SDS

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