Affinity™ Multi-Prep Extended Working Time Impression Material

Affinity™ Multi-Prep Extended Working Time Impression Material

Multi-Prep is dentistry’s first extended working time impression material. AffinityMulti-Prep provides generous 2:40 minutes of working time. That’s enough time to fully syringe up to 12 units such as crowns, bridges and veneers without the risk of premature set. Once the tray is inserted, Multi-Prep cures in just 4:30 minutes.


Multi-Prep has enhanced hydrophylicity for excellent performance in the presence of moisture, especially with subgingival preparations. A grafted surfactant uniformly distributed throughout the material, provides superior hydroactive performance. You’ll capture marginal detail more consistently with Multi-Prep, even with subgingival preparations. The Multi-Prep Wash Material flows beautifully under the hydraulics of the tray material to capture the finest of detail. You’ll also notice more wash material capturing the preparation, that’s because the Multi-Prep Tray Material has a slightly lower fluid viscosity. The result? The most consistently accurate impressions for large cases.

  • Dentistry’s first extended working time impression material
  • Provides 2:40 minutes of working time, enough to syringe up to 12 units
  • Advanced chemistry is heat-activated once the tray is inserted, curing in just 4:30 minutes
  • Combines a unique branched resin, more refined filler and even distribution of surfactant for enhanced accuracy

Clinical Technique

Multi-Prep Wash Material is syringed around multiple preparations.

Multi-Prep Tray Material is injected into a stock tray. Tray adhesive has been pre-applied to the tray.

Impression material and tray is inserted into the patients mouth and stabilized without pressure.

Note excellent detail, accuracy, and visual readability of margin in Multi-Prep.

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Jason Bortolussi

Instructions For Use / SDS

Click here to view the Affinity Multi-Prep Instructions for Use / SDS.


Affinity Multi-Prep Product SheetClick here to view

Product Configurations

Introductory Kits:

  • 5-50mL cartridges MULTI-PREP Tray Material and 1-50mL cartridge MULTI-PREP Wash Material
  • 4-50mL cartridges MULTI-PREP Tray Material and 2-50mL cartridge MULTI-PREP Wash Material
    • mixing tips not included

Tray Material:

  • 2-50mL cartridges, instructions/SDS
    • mixing tips included
    • mixing tips not included
  • 6-50mL cartridges, instructions/SDS
    • mixing tips not included

Wash Material:

  • 2-50mL cartridges, instructions/SDS
    • mixing tips included
    • mixing tips not included
  • 6-50mL cartridges, instructions/SDS
    • mixing tips not included


What are the working and set times of both Affinity regular set viscosities and fast set?2019-05-07T15:45:35-04:00

The working time of Affinity Regular Set material is 1:45 mins with a setting time of 2:30 mins.
Affinity Fast Set materials have a working time of 1:10 mins and a set time of 1:45 mins.

How is Affinity different from other impression materials?2019-05-07T15:46:24-04:00

Only Affinity uses branched resin chemistry for 3-dimensional cross-linking resulting in a higher tear strength, refined fillers, and an even distribution of surfactant. Other impression materials use linear resin chemistry with an uneven distribution of surfactant resulting in less accurate impressions that are more prone to tearing of the thin interproximal and sulcus fins.

I really like my light body from another brand. Can I use Affinity Heavy Body (or other Affinity Tray Materials) and my light body together?2019-05-07T15:47:55-04:00

Light and heavy body materials from another brand may be mixed but strict attention must be paid to the working and set times as they need to mimic or exceed Affinity’s.

How can I prevent air bubbles in my wash material?2019-05-07T15:48:11-04:00

Always keep the tip of the mixing tip fully immersed in the Light Body fully as it is syringed around the prep sites.

I’m having difficulty loading Affinity InFlex into Quad-Trays. Are there any tips that will help?2019-05-07T15:48:27-04:00

It is important to work quickly when loading Quad-Trays. Dispense Affinity InFlex in an S-pattern onto the non-prep side after running a bead of material around the periphery of the tray. Immediately turn the Quad-Tray over and repeat on the prep side.

Affinity sets more quickly compared to what I was using before. What can I do?2019-05-07T15:48:40-04:00

If using Fast Set, switch to Affinity Regular Set impression material. Do not attempt to adjust the temperature of the material in order to slow down the set.

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