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Border-Lock Impression Tray

Border-Lock trays are inexpensive, single-use disposable impression trays designed to fit the most common arch shapes. Border-Lock outperforms stock metal trays in delivering impression accuracy and stability that rivals custom trays, at a fraction of the cost.




  • Anatomically correct fit reduces impression space, delivering superior dynamic pressure around the arch during insertion while reducing the amount of impression material you will need to use by up to 40%
  • Closed distal wall helps prevent excess material flow, which in turn eliminates gagging
  • Made from rigid Plexiglas to deliver enhanced stability
  • Outperforms stock metal trays and delivers results that rival custom trays
  • Available in round (5 tray sizes), square (4 tray sizes) and gothic (1 tray size)
  • Includes unique measuring caliper to measure the width and shape of patient’s arch

Clinical Technique

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Robert Ritter


Click here to view the Border-Lock Product Sheet.

Product Configurations

  • 10-packs
  • Upper/ Lower Storage Box

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