Anterior Quad-Tray

Anterior Quad-Tray

Designed to prevent distortion, the Anterior Quad-Tray® is constructed of rigid aluminum that will not distort when placed intraorally or upon removal, eliminating retakes and excessive occulusal adjustments.


  • Wide arch design ensures it will not impinge on soft tissue and prevents burn through.
  • Customizable to each patient’s arch size.
  • Available in a 50-pack.

Clinical Technique

Try-in tray, adjust size if necessary. Prepare the tooth, achieve hemostasis and tissue retraction.

Affinity™ Light Body High Flow is applied in a 360°

Use ample amount of Light Body High Flow,in order to ensure ideal coverage, be sure to allow the material to lead the way while syringing.

Simultaneously, the Anterior Quad-Tray is loaded with Affinity™ InFlex Maximum Support Tray Material. Enough material is used to encompass the tray walls on the buccal and lingual.

The tray is seated and the patient is instructed to fully, but passively, close. A passive closed position is held for 3 minutes from tray insertion.

The opposing arch is removed first by holding the tray against the prep side while the patient slowly opens. Then in a rocking motion to prevent tearing of the impression material, remove the preparation side. The margins are easily recognized – an extremely accurate prosthesis will be the final result.


Quad-Tray Family of Metal Impression Trays.



Product Configurations

  • 50-pack

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