Quad-Tray XL Xtra Long Impression Tray

Quad-Tray XL Xtra Long Impression Tray

The Quad-Tray® XL allows dentists to take ideal, distortion-free dual-arch impressions in cases that involve multiple preparations, including small bridges. Quad-Tray® XL incorporates all the benefits of our original Quad-Tray, which include an inflexible aluminum construction, wide, customizable arch, and thin distal bar.


  • Distortion-free metal dual-arch impression tray for multiple preparations cases
  • Full quadrant design assists the dental lab by recording more occlusal details, including cuspid rise
  • More lateral support for the impression material increases rigidity and reduces impression flex and risk of distortion
  • Perforated walls provide sufficient height on the buccal side as the tray curves towards the anterior to encompass the height of anterior teeth

Clinical Techniques

Full Quadrant Impression using Affinity InFlex, Affinity Light Body RF and Quad-Tray XL

Dentistry and Photography Courtesy of Christopher Ramsey, DMD.

Inflex Maximum Support Tray Material is loaded onto both sides of Quad-Tray XL
After syringing Affinity Light Body RF (Regular Flow) around the inlay preparation and implant site, the Quad-Tray XL encompasses the full quadrant.
Perforated buccal wall locks impression material to the tray
InFlex flows through the Quad-Tray XL’s slotted lingual and buccal walls to lock the impression material and tray together.
Notice how InFlex has displaced the Light Body without over-displacing it from the prep sites.
Precise detail is achieved every time.

Dual-Arch impression using Affinity Light Body HF, Affinity InFlex and Quad-Tray Xtreme

Dentistry and Photography Courtesy of Dr. Brad Carson

With tissue management and hemostasis achieved (Tissue Goo Hemostatic Gel), the preparation is cleaned with Detail Pre-Impression Cleansing Gel to remove any residual debris and hemostatic agent ensuring complete polymerization of the Affinity InFlex VPS tray material and Affinity Light Body VPS material.
The Affinity Light Body impression material is placed after the Re-Cord #00 cord has been carefully removed, making sure to keep the tip submerged.
After InFlex is loaded sufficiently into the Quad-Tray Xtreme, the tray is placed immediately. The patient is asked to passively close. If no segmental bite registration has been taken prior to the impression, the patient may need to be guided into position.
While holding the tray firmly at the based of the handle, gently rock the impression material until it releases. Never torque the handle of the tray to prevent bending of the aluminum body.
The final impression showing excellent capture of the margins as well showing that the Light Body was not displaced by the hydraulics of the InFlex. This ensures a more accurate die and better fit of the final restoration.
Due to the accuracy of the impression, the final ceramic restoration fit beautifully with little adjustment required.


Quad-Tray Xtra Long XL Product Sheet
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Maximizing Impression-Taking Efficiency and Accuracy
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Product Configurations

  • 40-pack

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