Quad-Tray XL Xtra Long Impression Tray

The Quad-Tray® XL allows dentists to take ideal, distortion-free dual-arch impressions in cases that involve multiple preparations, including small bridges. Quad-Tray® XL incorporates all the benefits of our original Quad-Tray, which include an inflexible aluminum construction, wide, customizable arch, and thin distal bar.



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  • Distortion-free metal dual-arch impression tray for multiple preparations cases
  • Full quadrant design assists the dental lab by recording more occlusal details, including cuspid rise
  • More lateral support for the impression material increases rigidity and reduces impression flex and risk of distortion
  • Perforated walls provide sufficient height on the buccal side as the tray curves towards the anterior to encompass the height of anterior teeth

Clinical Techniques

Full Quadrant Impression using AFFINITY InFlex, AFFINITY Light Body RF and Quad-Tray XL
Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Robert Ramsey


Click here to view the Quad-Tray Xtra Long XL Product Sheet.


Dr. Bob Margeas talks about Quad-Tray Dual Arch Impression Tray from CCI/CRD on Vimeo.

Quad-Tray Family of Metal Impression Trays from CCI/CRD on Vimeo.

Product Configurations

  • 40-pack

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