Symmetry Facial Plane Relator

Symmetry Facial Plane Relator

Symmetry is the ideal communication tool between you and your lab for determining the cant and incisal edge position of the central incisors.


With Symmetry, you can easily record an accurate bite registration and the exact position of the desired midline in relation to a horizontal plane in just 60 seconds!

  • Horizontal plane alignment bar features an arch with 25 fingers for stabilizing the registration material, plus a snap-on vertical alignment bar
  • Simple, straightforward technique

Clinical Technique


Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Robert Margeas.

Instructions For Use / SDS

Click here to view the Symmetry Facial Plane Relator Instructions for Use / SDS.

Product Configurations

Trial Pack

  • 4 Symmetry arches, 1-50ml cartridge Affinity Quick Bite, 4 mixing tips, instructions

Intro Kit

  • 12 Symmetry arches, 3-50ml cartridges Affinity Quick Bite, 12 mixing tips, instructions

Arch Refills

  • 24-pack
  • 48-pack

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