Quad-Tray Ultimate Posterior

Quad-Tray Ultimate Posterior

The Quad-Tray® Ultimate™ Posterior is dentistry’s most advanced dual-arch metal impression tray. Unlike flexible plastic impression trays, the Quad-Tray Ultimate will not distort to ensure the ultimate in impression accuracy. Incorporate Quad-Tray Ultimate into your practice and reduce your incidence of impression distortion, costly remakes, and disruption to your office routine. 


  • Lightweight, ultra-rigid aluminum to prevent distortion.
  • Unique Ultra-Lock™ mesh provides a secure fusion of the preparation and opposing impression to the tray.
  • Low profile distal bar prevents impingement at the retro molar pad.
  • Rounded distal ends provides the ideal fit and comfort.
  • Customizable wide arch accommodates virtually all arch shapes and prevents burn through of the teeth.
  • Low sidewalls prevent palatal impingement and axial roll of the tray wall.
  • 100% recyclable – no more plastic trays ending up in the landfill.


Quad-Tray Ultimate Posterior Product Sheet
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Instructions for Use

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Product Configurations

Quad-Tray Ultimate Posterior:

  • 50-pack
  • 250-pack


With 10x more rigidity than plastic trays, the Quad-Tray Ultimate Posterior dual-arch trays successfully capture an accurate impression and interocclusal record.

– Nate Lawson, DMD, MA, PhD

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