Heatwave Customizable Full-Arch Impression Tray

Heatwave® Customizable Impression Tray represents a noteworthy evolution in impression trays. We took a truly anatomically designed tray and added the ability to self-customize chair-side. The result is an ideal fit with vertical drive that rivals that of a custom tray for perfectly precise impressions every time.



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Heatwave Customizable Impression Tray allows clinicians to easily self-customize the trays by hand. After immersion in water for 60 seconds at 70°C/158°F, the thermoplastic tray can be shaped and moulded to a patient’s particular arch size and contour. After adaption, the tray will assume its normal rigidity at room temperature or by running under cold water. This allows for a precise impression.

  • Chairside, heat customizable impression trays provide a significant advantage for all full-arch impressions, and specifically in cases of exostoses, tori and mal-positioned teeth
  • Eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive custom or laboratory fabricated trays
  • Anatomically correct, requires 40% less impression material
  • Eliminates patient discomfort caused when stock trays get caught up on bony anatomical variances
  • Custom fit allows for uniform compression of the impression material, which contributes to increased impression accuracy and a reduction in the amount of impression material used
  • Available in 4 upper (salmon-colored) and 4 lower (yellow-colored) sizes

Clinical Technique

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Brad Carson.


Demonstration of the Heatwave Customizable Impression Tray from CCI/CRD on Vimeo.


Click here to view the Heatwave Product Sheet.

Click here to view the Heatwave Size Chart.

Click here to view “Smile Update: Maximum Results with Minimum Treatment” Clinical Practice in Dental Product Shopper with Dr. Todd Snyder.

Product Configurations

Heatwave Intro Kit

  • 32 trays (4 each size, upper & lower), measuring caliper & size chart

Heatwave Refills

  • 10 Trays/Box
    • Size 42 Upper Tray
    • Size 43 Upper Tray
    • Size 44 Upper Tray
    • Size 45 Upper Tray
    • Size 51 Lower Tray
    • Size 52 Lower Tray
    • Size 53 Lower Tray
    • Size 54 Lower Tray

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