Heatwave Customizable Full-Arch Impression Tray

Heatwave Customizable Full-Arch Impression Tray

Heatwave® Customizable Impression Tray represents a noteworthy evolution in impression trays. We took a truly anatomically designed tray and added the ability to self-customize chair-side. The result is an ideal fit with vertical drive that rivals that of a custom tray for perfectly precise impressions every time.


Heatwave Customizable Impression Tray allows clinicians to easily self-customize the trays by hand. After immersion in water for 60 seconds at 70°C/158°F, the thermoplastic tray can be shaped and moulded to a patient’s particular arch size and contour. After adaption, the tray will assume its normal rigidity at room temperature or by running under cold water. This allows for a precise impression.

  • Chairside, heat customizable impression trays provide a significant advantage for all full-arch impressions, and specifically in cases of exostoses, tori and mal-positioned teeth
  • Eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive custom or laboratory fabricated trays
  • Anatomically correct, requires 40% less impression material
  • Eliminates patient discomfort caused when stock trays get caught up on bony anatomical variances
  • Custom fit allows for uniform compression of the impression material, which contributes to increased impression accuracy and a reduction in the amount of impression material used
  • Available in 4 upper (salmon-colored) and 4 lower (yellow-colored) sizes

Clinical Technique

Using the calipers provided, measure the patient’s arch width by placing the caliper tabs on the lingual of the 1st molar and 2nd bicuspid.

Place the calipers on the size chart to determine appropriate tray size.

Select the relevant tray and immerse in a water bath of 158°F/70°C for 1 minute.

Once heated, the tray can be adapted by hand.

Keep desired form stable for 5 seconds. Check fit in the mouth and repeat the moulding procedure if needed. If fit is achieved, run the tray under cold water for 5 seconds to set form.

The resulting final impression.

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Brad Carson.


Product Configurations

Heatwave Intro Kit

  • 32 trays (4 each size, upper & lower), measuring caliper & size chart

Heatwave Refills

  • 10 Trays/Box
    • Size 42 Upper Tray
    • Size 43 Upper Tray
    • Size 44 Upper Tray
    • Size 45 Upper Tray
    • Size 51 Lower Tray
    • Size 52 Lower Tray
    • Size 53 Lower Tray
    • Size 54 Lower Tray

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