TempTray Impression Tray

TempTray Impression Tray

Designed for accuracy, TempTray™ is a distortion-free, disposable, metal temporary impression tray with extreme versatility. TempTray is available in anterior and posterior variations for use in either upper or lower arch. The sidewalls of the tray are high to encompass virtually any crown length.


  • Captures multiple teeth
  • Easily adjustable for mal-aligned teeth
  • High, perforated walls firmly retain the matrix material while eliminating the chance of distortion
  • Posterior tabs for easy placement can be folded in to prevent retromolar pad impingement
  • Quick grip lip offers easy removal
  • Made from rigid aluminum, single use, 100% recyclable impression trays designed for provisional fabrication

Clinical Techniques

Load the posterior TEMPTRAY with TEMPLATE Matrix Material and place Intraorally.

Once seated, TEMPLATE’s Intraoral set time is approximately 30-45 seconds.

Express a small amount of INSPIRE Provisional Composite through the syringe tip onto a mixing pad. Load INSPIRE into the TEMPLATE matrix, keeping the tip submersed. INSPIRE has a 40 second working time.

Reseat the matrix with INSPIRE in the mouth immediately. Remove the matrix from the mouth as soon as INSPIRE is firm but not completely set. The provisional crown will often remain in the TEMPLATE matrix.

Express CLING2 Temporary Cement directly into the provisional crown. Seat the provisional crown within the 30 second working time. After a 60 to 90 second setting time, remove excess CLING2 from the preparation margins.

The result is a strong, durable, esthetic INSPIRE provisional crown.

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Gildo Santos and Dr. Brad Carson


Instructions For Use

Click here to view the TempTray Impression Tray Instructions for Use / SDS.

Product Configurations

  • 50-pack
  • 100-pack
  • 250-pack


Dr. Elliot Mechanic
I use posterior TempTrays and Template Ultra Quick Matrix Material daily. There is not an easier way, that I know of, to fabricate a posterior temporary crown.

– Dr. Elliot Mechanic

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