D-Fine™ Diamond Polishers for Hybrid Composites

D-Fine™ Diamond Polishers for Hybrid Composites

 D-FineDiamond Polishers for Hybrid Composites offer the best in polishing: a high gloss finish, wide selection of polishers proven clinically to be long-lasting, extreme cost-effectiveness, and a technique so efficient you’ll find time on your hands.


  • Contain 20 times more diamond particles than traditional polishing points for an ultra high gloss finish for hybrid, nano-hybrid and nano composites.
  • Designed to withstand multiple sterilization cycles without compromising performance. You can expect a minimum of 20 uses from each polisher.
  • Available in three shapes to polish all hybrid composite surfaces effectively and efficiently while maximizing intraoral access.

Clinical Techniques

Use a light wiping motion with the grey pre-polisher to create a smooth surface typography. You’ll see a silky gleam 15-30 seconds. Next, using the same wiping motion, create an ultra-high shine with the diamond polisher (pink ring on shank, shown)

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Alan Boghosian


Instructions For Use / SDS


Dental finishing and polishing points intended as a medical device for the purpose of final polishing of all composite and ceramic restorations.

D-FineTMDiamond Polishers for Hybrid Composites create an ultra-high shine on any brand of hybrid composite restorative material. You can use each point dozens of times – long-lasting D-Fine Diamond Polishers are filled with approximately 20 times as many diamond particles as other polishers. The polishers are autoclavable, and polishing paste is not required.

The technique begins with the Pre-Polisher to smooth the composite surface, and finishes with a highly-filled diamond polisher to create a high-gloss luster. The entire technique takes as little as 60 seconds, and the result is a beautifully polished restoration.

STEP 1: Pre-Polishing

1. Use a conventional finishing diamond/carbide to contour the composite surface. (Note: D-Fine Polishers are for final polishing ONLY.)

2. Select the appropriate D-Fine Hybrid Pre-Polisher (light grey tip)

3. At 7,500-10,000 rpm, with no pressure and a watr spray, apply the pre-polisher to the restorative surface in a sweeping motion. A smooth silky surface will appear.

STEP 2: Diamond Polishing

1. Select the corresponding D-Fine Hybrid Diamond Polisher (pink ring on shank)

2. Again with no pressure and a water spray, apply the diamond polisher to the restorative surface intermittently with a sweeping motion until a high-gloss fine surface finish appears.

NOTE: Failure to follow this technique will lead to premature degradation of the polishers.

Product Configurations

D-Fine™ Pre-polisher Refill Kit:
• 6 x  Pre-polisher (specify 1 shape): 05, 06, 08

D-Fine™ Diamond Polisher Refill Kit:
• 3 x Diamond Polisher (specify 1 shape): 05, 06, 08

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