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Macro-Lock Oval Post

Macro-LockOval features an innovative post design for the restoration of wide, flared canals. It features color-on-command illusion technology and advanced X-RO fiber. Macro-Lock Oval simplifies restorations with ovoid canals.



  • Unique oval shape provides anti-rotation benefit, while replacing weaker cement with high strength fiber composite
  • Preferable to circular fiber posts in oval-shaped canals, given the stress distribution at the post/dentin interface
  • Macro retentive serrations in the upper 1/3 of the post interlock with the cement and core material to increase retention
  • The additional bulk or fiber in the middle 1/3 of the post offers maximum strength and fracture resistance to help protect the tooth
  • Passive grooves in the bottom 1/3 of the post lock into the cement in the round apical portion, which is a conservative 0.04 taper

Clinical Techniques


Click here to view Macro-Lock Post Illusion XRO Brochure.

Product Configurations

  • Intro Kit A: 5 Oval Posts #1, 5 Oval Posts #3, 2 Starter Drills, 2 Finishing Drills
  • Intro Kit B: 5 Oval Posts #2, 5 Oval Posts #4, 2 Starter Drills, 2 Finishing Drills
  • Refill Posts 5-packs