Convexi-T Convex Tofflemire Matrix Bands

Convexi-T Convex Tofflemire Matrix Bands

Convexi-TConvex Tofflemirematrix bands are pre-contoured buccal/lingually and occlusal/gingivally to produce naturally contoured interproximal form and contacts.


  • 0.025 mm thin and dead soft, Convexi-T Convex Tofflemire Matrix Bands can be further contoured if necessary.
  • Provide a tighter and more naturally contoured contact with Class II restorations
  • Available in widths of 5.5mm and 6.3mm
  • Facilitate the creation of interproximal contours necessary to recreate the contact areas and natural convex anatomy of the interproximal area


Clinical Technique

6.3mm Convexi-T band applied showing contact and convex embrasure forms.

MOD composite restoration on tooth #29 with ideal contact and embrasure form.

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Len Boksman and Dr. Brad Carson

Product Configurations

  • 5 mm 30-pack
  • 6.3mm 30-pack

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