Inspire Esthetic Provisional Composite

Inspire Esthetic Provisional Composite

Provisional fabrication with Inspire™ is easy, efficient and predictable. Inspire offers superior handling for creating strong and esthetic provisionals that ensure continued tooth and tissue health, along with proper function and position.


  • Strong. Chemistry ensures a fast polymerization, allowing for earlier trimming without damage
  • Composite filler provides better esthetics
  • Polishes quickly to a high shine
  • Ideal translucency and fluorescence to match natural tooth structure in all light conditions
  • Efficient 40 second working time is sufficient for single or multiple unit cases
  • Available in 4 VITA shades (B1, A1, A2 and A3.5)

Clinical Techniques

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Daniele Larose.

Failed all-ceramic restoration with endodontic treatment restored with Macro-Lock Illusion X-RO, Fibercone, and Zircules Zirconia Nano-Filled Core Material.

After provisional matrix fabrication using Template Ultra Quick Matrix Material and a metal TempTray, Inspire is injected into the Template matrix. Clinical Tip: Keep the tip immersed while filling to prevent air bubbles.

The Inspire-loaded TempTray is immediately inserted over the tooth preparation and allowed to set for 1:30 minutes. Upon removal, the provisional restoration shows minimal flash, facilitating easy trimming and finishing.

The Inspire provisional crown is cemented using Cling2 Resin Optimized Temporary Cement. Cling2 cures in about 90 seconds and flash is easily removed without damage to the soft tissue.

The final Inspire temporary crown immediately post-insertion after minimal polishing.

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Len Boksman and Dr. Brad Carson



The Inspire Temporary: Strength Meets Esthetics with Chad Duplantis, DDS, FAGD



Instructions For Use / SDS

Click here to view the Inspire Esthetic Provisional Composite Instructions for Use / SDS.

Product Configurations

  • 71g cartridge with 12 mixing tips, instructions/SDS
  • Available in four shades (B1, A1, A2 and A3.5)


Do provisionals created using Inspire require polishing? What can I use to polish Inspire provisionals?2019-05-07T15:39:39-04:00

Inspire does not need to be polished, especially for posterior applications; however, polishing does have the advantage of adding a higher esthetic value for anterior teeth, as well as lessening plaque accumulation over the temporization period. A.S.A.P. Polishers are ideal for polishing Inspire provisionals, or alternatively, apply a thin layer of light-cured Glisten Provisional Resin Glaze.

What shades is Inspire offered in?2019-05-07T15:39:52-04:00

Inspire is offered in the following shades: B1, A1, A2, A3.5.

Is Inspire stackable?2019-05-07T15:40:07-04:00


What type of gun should I use to dispense Inspire?2019-05-07T15:40:25-04:00

Inspire is used in a standard 10:1 gun.

How can I prevent air bubbles in my temps?2019-05-07T15:40:45-04:00

To ensure your provisionals are bubble-free, keep the mixing tip immersed in the Inspire as it is loaded into the temporary matrix.

How much Inspire material should I dispense into the impression/matrix?2019-05-07T15:41:05-04:00

Fill the appropriate tooth/teeth of the temporary matrix up to the gingival line to ensure adequate coverage of the preparation (and pontic if necessary). Any excess is easily removed, especially if Template Ultra Quick Matrix Material is being used.

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