A.S.A.P. Diamond Polishing Brushes

A.S.A.P. Diamond Polishing Brushes

A.S.A.P.® Diamond Polishing Brushes quickly produce a high gloss polish on both incline planes, ridges, pits, and grooves, all with one size and shape. Their diamond impregnated bristles spread over cusp tips and marginal ridges, while the individual bristles polish the narrowest of grooves without altering anatomy.


  • A.S.A.P. Diamond Polishing Brush Pre-Polisher (purple) removes small surface defects in less than 20 seconds.
  • The peach-colored Final Polisher is then applied for another 20 seconds to produce a natural high luster polish.

Product Configurations

A.S.A.P. Diamond Polishing Brush and Wheel System Kit

  • Contains: 2 Pre-Polisher Wheels, Large, 2 Pre-Polisher Wheels, Small, 2 Final High Shine Wheels, Large, 2 Final High Shine Wheels, Small, 2 Pre-Polisher Diamond Brushes, 2 Final Polisher Diamond Brushes

A.S.A.P. Diamond Polishing Brush 6-pack

  • Contains: 3 Pre-Polishers, 3 Final Polishers

A.S.A.P. Diamond Polishing Brush Pre-Polisher Refill 3-pack

  • Contains: 3 Pre-Polishers

A.S.A.P. Diamond Polishing Brush Final Polisher Refill 3-pack

  • Contains: 3 Final Polishers

A.S.A.P. Diamond Polishing Brush Trial Pack

  • Contains: 1 Pre-Polisher, 1 Final Polisher

Instructions For Use / SDS


INTENDED USE: Dental finishing and polishing points intended as a medical device for the purpose of final polishing on composite, RMGI, and some ceramic restorations.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: A.S.A.P. Diamond Polishers provide a high shine in two steps with only one shape. 
STEP 1: A.S.A.P. Diamond Pre-Polisher (purple)
1. Use a finishing diamond/carbide to contour the composite surface.
2. At 10,000 – 12,000 RPM, using light pressure and intermittent water spray 50mL/min (or damp tooth), apply the pre-polisher to the restorative surface. A smooth silky surface will appear in approximately 20 – 30 seconds.
STEP 2: A.S.A.P. Diamond Final High Shine Polisher (peach)
Again, using light pressure and intermittent water spray 50mL/min (or dam tooth), apply the Final High Shine Polisher to the restorative surface in a wiping motion, until a high gloss finish is achieved. 
NOTE: Excessive pressure on the instrument will lead to overheating and premature degradation of the polisher, as well as possible damage to the pulp. 


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