CleanCut Extended Use Diamonds

CleanCut Extended Use Diamonds

CleanCutExtended Use Diamond Burs represent the ultimate in precision-engineered cutting instruments. Balanced and efficient cutting results in faster, more accurate tooth reduction and margin placement.


CleanCut diamond burs are manufactured using a proprietary manufacturing process that intimately bonds uniformly sized and shaped diamond crystals in a naturally random pattern. This ensures a consistently high level of performance and control, case after case.

  • Strategically placed diamonds create debris-clearing channels to prevent bur clogging
  • Noticeably faster cutting
  • With universal length shanks, suitable for both small and large handpieces
  • Autoclavable
Controlled edge consistency optimizes prep qulity and improves CAD/CAM scanning and reproduction.

Galvanic Diamonds

CleanCut Diamonds

Burs with galvanic coatings are prone to inconsistent particle orientation, heat generation, clogging, and early diamond loss.

Proprietary diamond technology ensures improved spacing of diamond placement for faster, clog-free cutting.


Instructions for Use / SDS

Click here to view the CleanCut Instructions for Use / SDS.

Product Configurations

  • 5-packs

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