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With Macro-Lock IllusionXRO superior retention is just the beginning. X-RO involves a new, patented fiber developed exclusively for dentistry by RTD, which is enhanced with unique radiopacifiers. The clinical benefits are profound and persuasive.



  • Macro-serrations and anti-rotation features interlock with the cement and core material to increase retention
  • Flexural strength of at least 1800 MPa makes it the strongest fiber post on the market
  • Intrinsic color-coding disappears when seated, re-appears on demand, if removal ever becomes necessary
  • Tapered shape enhances adaptation to the root anatomy and conserves dentin
  • Incorporates color-coding for easy identification before or after placement – posts match the drills
  • Atraumatically removable in minutes
  • Translucency provides esthetics and expedites the dual-cure cementation procedure
  • Corrosion-free and biocompatible

Clinical Techniques




Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Robert Ritter


Click here to view Macro-Lock Post Illusion XRO Brochure.

Click here to view the Macro-Lock Post Illusion XRO Product Sheet.

Click here to view Efficient Post Core Fabrication by Manfred Friedman, BDS, BChD

Product Configurations

  • Intro Kit: 20 Posts (5 each #1, #2, #3, #4), 5 Drills (2 of #1, 1 each of #2, #3, #4) Accessories
  • Trial Kit: 3 Posts (#2), 1 Finishing Drill (#1), 1 Universal Drill
  • 10-pack Post Refills
  • Finishing Drills sold individually
  • Universal Starter Drill
  • Universal Drill

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