Evanesce™ Nano-Enhanced Universal Restorative Composite

Evanesce™ Nano-Enhanced Universal Restorative Composite

Evanesce™ Nano-enhanced Universal Restorative is a highly esthetic composite suitable for all cavity classes, creating the ultimate esthetic results.


  • Disappears: The combination of nanofillers and nano pigments provides the ideal levels of light refraction so Evanesce blends seamlessly into the tooth structure.
  • Sculptable: With a firmer viscosity, Evanesce is easily manipulated but won’t slump. The unique viscosity makes it a great option in anterior and posterior cases.
  • High Gloss Shine: The nanohybrid filler particles provide a quick, high-gloss polish. Its long-lasting luster mimics surrounding tooth structure and indirect restorations.

Clinical Techniques


Anterior Build-Up & Shade Change

Evanesce BL3 and Enamel White

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Marcos Vargas, BDB, DDS, MS
Class IV 

Evanesce A2 Universal, Enamel FX Clear, Tints & Opaquers

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Danièle Larose, DMD, AAACD
Class I 

Shades: Evanesce A2 Enamel
Dentistry and photography courtesy of Danièle Larose, DMD, AAACD

Diastema Closure 

Evanesce Enamel FX White

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Marcos Vargas, BDB, DDS, MS
Dentistry and photography courtesy of David Chan, DMD, AAACD
Conservative Incisal Repair Case 

Shades: Evanesce A3 Universal (no preparation)

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Bob Margeas, DDS
Emergency Class IV Case 

Evanesce shades A2 Dentin, A1 Enamel and Enamel FX White (immediately post-op)

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Bob Margeas, DDS
Single Shade Direct Veneer Case 

Shades: Evanesce A1 Universal

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Michael Miyasaki, DDS
Anterior Re-Contouring and Black Triangle Closure Case 

Shades: Evanesce A1 Enamel, Enamel FX Incisal

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Danièle Larose, DMD, AAACD

Product Configuration

4g Syringes: See shade chart above

Syringe Trial Kit: 5 x 4g syringes in Universal shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1

Single Dose Trial Kit: 10 x 0.3g single dose in shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1

20-pack of 0.3g Single Dose:

  • Universal shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, C2
  • UX shades A1UX, A2UX, A3UX, A3.5UX, B1UX, BL1UX

10-pack of 0.3g Single Dose:

  • Universal shades A4, B2, C1, C3, BL1, BL3, B0.5U
  • Dentin shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, C4
  • Enamel shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, B0.5E
  • Enamel FX Shades Enamel Incisal, Enamel White, Enamel Clear

Evanesce Enamel FX Single Dose Trial Kit: 5 x 0.3g single dose: Enamel FX Incisal, Enamel FX White, Enamel FX Clear



Take 5: 5 Restorative Clinicians’ Take on Evanesce
Creating Translucence in Anterior Composite Restorations with Bob Margeas, DDS
Building Incisal Translucency in Anterior Restorations with David Chan, DMD, AAACD


Anterior Composite Pull Through Technique with David Chan, DMD, AAACD


Hiding Fracture Lines with Evanesce Universal Composite with David Chan, DMD, AAACD


The Benefits of Heating Composite with Marc Geissberger, DDS, MA


Evanesce Before & After from Clinician’s Choice Dental


Instructions For Use / SDS

Click here to view the Evanesce Nano-Enhanced Universal Restorative Instructions for Use / SDS.


Is Evanesce best for anterior or posterior cases?2019-05-14T09:25:59-04:00

Both: Evanesce is truly a universal composite. Evanesce is a stiffer composite by design and features a high compressive strength, making it an excellent choice for durable posterior restorations. Evanesce’s esthetics and non-slump consistency combined with its ability to quickly come to a high-shine make it an ideal choice for any anterior composite restoration. Evanesce matches the VITA shade guide accurately, providing ideal shade predictability, while its unique nano-fillers allow Evanesce to blend into natural tooth structure to create truly invisible margins.

This composite is stiffer than what I’m used to – why is that?2019-05-08T09:19:27-04:00

Clinician’s Choice designed Evanesce to be a little stiffer, which allows for superior handling. Evanesce’s no-slump handing allows the material to freeze when sculpting is complete, until it’s light-cured. For posterior teeth, this stiffness allows for Evanesce to be packed effortlessly into the restoration and hold its position.

How is Evanesce different than the composite I’m currently using?2019-05-14T09:25:11-04:00

Polishability with Evanesce is a major differentiating factor. Evanesce quickly polishes to a high-shine and maintains its shine long term.

What shades does Evanesce offer?2019-04-08T10:44:43-04:00

Evanesce is available in the 29 VITA shades in Universal (85%), Enamel (80%), and Dentin (90%) opacities as well as two bleach shades and three non-VITA Enamel FX shades to further enhance esthetic enamel characterization.

What is Evanesce’s wear resistance?2019-04-08T10:44:59-04:00

Evanesce’s wear rate is 38 microns per 200,000 brushes.

How often do you have to cure when packing Evanesce?2019-04-08T10:45:20-04:00

It is important to cure every 2mm of Evanesce before adding any additional material, just as you would for any non-bulk fill composite.

Can Evanesce be used with any bond?2019-04-08T10:45:36-04:00

Yes, Evanesce is compatible with all bonding materials.

How can Evanesce help manage my inventory?2019-05-14T09:28:32-04:00

You can actually reduce your office’s inventory by using Evanesce for all your composite restorations. Truly a universal composite, Evanesce is ideal for both anterior and posterior restorations while its simple technique often requires only a single shade or, in more complex cases, fewer layers of composite.

What instruments pair well with Evanesce?2019-05-14T09:29:09-04:00

We suggest using the Dr. Ronald Jordan Instrument #10 for condensing Evanesce into a Class II preparation and for sculpting into the occlusal surface of the tooth. This instrument is also ideal for composite contouring. The Dr. Ronald Jordan Instrument #04 features long, slender blades for shaping and sculpting composites interproximally. For a high-shine luster on all composite surfaces, we recommend A.S.A.P. All Surface Access Polishers.

I have a question about Evanesce or would like to provide my feedback. Who can I contact?2019-04-08T10:46:21-04:00

For product questions or feedback, please email exclusives@henryschein.com.
A product specialist will respond to you shortly.


Danièle Larose, DMD, AAACD
The Evanesce composite/tooth margins now blend flawlessly and easily with natural esthetics of the tooth.

– Danièle Larose, DMD, AAACD

David Chan, DMD, AAACD
The Evanesce system rivals the esthetics of porcelain restorations and mimics the beauty of natural tooth structure.

– David Chan, DMD, AAACD

Marcos Vargas, BDB, DDS, MS
Developing detailed morphology on anterior restorations is easier with Evanesce due to its no slump handling.

– Marcos Vargas, BDB, DDS, MS

Danièle Larose, DMD, AAACD
For posterior cases, Evanesce packs and sculpts well with zero slump and no pullback from contact areas.

– Danièle Larose, DMD, AAACD

William “Bo” Bruce, DMD
Evanesce has the best VITA shade match that I have ever used in my practice

– William “Bo” Bruce, DMD

A composite whose optical “chameleon” properties allow it to blend seamlessly with the tooth. Evanesce makes all anterior composite restorations easier to match existing tooth color.

– Dr. Robert Lowe, DDS, FAGD, FICD, FADI, FACD

Dr. Michael Miyasaki
Evanesce is a universal composite material system with no slump handling, outstanding polishability and VITA shade match, as well as three opacities that allow you to do it all. Whether you are creating a high-end aesthetic restoration or placing a wear-resistant posterior restoration, you now have one one system to handle either job with Evanesce. Simplify.

– Dr. Michael Miyasaki

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