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FileFoam Endodontic File Cleanser

FileFoam™ provides a triple-action solution; cleaning, scouring and disinfecting endodontic instruments like no other sponge on the market.


  • Developed based on the “Parashos Validated Protocol”1, a validated protocol for cleaning and re-using rotary NiTi files
  • Patented, triple-layer foam construction consisting of a thin, low density foam layer, an extended 4mm thick scour layer, and a 25mm thick high density foam layer
  • Can be autoclaved up to 137º Celsius if required
  • In a clinical setting, when used on patients, intended for single use
  • Can also be used on standard hand files
  • Available in economically priced packages of 49

1i P Parashos, P Linsuwanont, HH Messer. A cleaning protocol for rotary nickel-titanium endodontic Instruments. Australian Dental Journal 2004;49:1

Product Configurations

  • 49-pack

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