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Magne Education: Shaping the Future of Dentistry

With a distinguished career, spanning over three decades, Dr. Pascal Magne, DMD, PhD has dedicated his expertise to shaping the future of dentistry by teaching groundbreaking techniques in biomimetic restorative dentistry to the next generation of dental professionals. Now, as the Director of Magne Education in Beverly Hills, CA, Dr. Magne continues to champion the advancement of dental education.

Magne Education provides dental professionals with the knowledge to progress into the biomimetic approach in all restorative aspects. Through a series of in-person and online courses covering various topics, students will learn the process from the initial diagnosis to the final restoration.

“Science, Experience, Common Sense, and the Patient. Pascal, Michel, and Sam – I can’t speak highly enough about the education they provided. The in-depth morphology of teeth is brought to another level. Thank you all for providing a wonderful learning experience!” – Tiffani Dunn, DMD

The Magne Education facility is a state-of-the-art educational center that provides a productive learning environment for lectures and hands-on courses right in the heart of Beverly Hills. The faculty, which includes Director Pascal Magne, DMD, PhD, Founder/CEO Sam Alawie, MDT, Michel Magne, MDT, Mehrdad Razaghy, DDS, and Taban Milani, DDS, work tirelessly to offer outstanding educational experiences by emphasizing the importance of performing minimally invasive, detail-oriented dentistry using strict and proven protocols.

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Michel Magne, MDT, Founder/CEO Sam Alawie, MDT, and Director Pascal Magne, DMD, PhD.

The Magne Continuum is composed of five hands-on, three-day courses that offer participants 21 CE credits per course. These courses include Mastering Morphology & Esthetics, Advanced Composite Veneers, Posterior Composite Restorations, Advanced Inlay/Onlay, and The Ultimate Veneer. Nova Li, DDS, a recent student of the course “Mastering Morphology and Esthetics” had this to say about her experience, “The course covers a wide range of topics in esthetic dentistry. I am amazed at how Dr. Magne is dedicated to providing patients with the most conservative yet most esthetic look that respects nature, and his approach perfectly combines art and science.”

article image Magne Education stident mastering morphology

Pascal Magne, DMD, PhD with Nova Li, DDS, a student from the “Mastering Morphology and Esthetics” course.

In addition to the biomimetic dentistry based in-person CE courses offered at Magne Education, they also offer courses covering a broader scope of dentistry: Orthodontics, Periodontics, Endodontics, and Implant Dentistry.

Magne Education also features an online course, Magne PRESSroom. This monthly ten-lecture series, offering 1.5 CE credits per lecture, was developed to cultivate a conversational atmosphere about trending topics in biomimetic dentistry. Through virtual meetings, Dr. Magne encourages dentists worldwide to discuss and question topics he mentions in his courses and literature.

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