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Clinician’s Choice® Launches New Product Focused on Providing Better Clinical Outcomes

New Milford, CT – February 2021

Clinician’s Choice begins 2021 with the addition of two new innovative solutions to their restorative family of clinically proven products with A.S.A.P.® Dailies and True™ Dental Dam, designed to provide clinicians with proven and effective solutions for chair time efficiency while providing a better patient experience and clinical outcome.

The A.S.A.P. Dailies polishing system is designed for multiple uses in a single day, delivering consistent performance after a minimum of three sterilization cycles, and providing fast, efficient and effective polishing. Diamond impregnated A.S.A.P. Dailies create a high luster on most restorative materials such as composite, zirconia and lithium disilicate, eliminating the need for stocking inventory of multiple systems to polish different substrates. The A.S.A.P. Dailies technique is fast and simple and does not require the use of a polishing paste.

As part of the clinical protocol to maximize infection prevention and control oral fluids, Clinician’s Choice is also pleased to introduce True Dental Dam, a medium gauge, latex and latex-free dental dam designed to provide the fit, seal and isolation that is required for better clinical outcomes. Offering exceptional durability and tear-resistance, True Dental Dams can be easily punched, stretched and placed, and glide smoothly through contacts. The dark blue and purple colors of the dental dams provide enhanced visibility and better color contrast with dentition.

“We believe our knowledge of dentistry, dental procedures, leading education and development of innovative product solutions will consistently help our clients achieve clinical excellence for their patients,” said Peter Jordan, CEO of Clinician’s Choice. “These new products help dentists overcome daily clinical challenges.”

For more information on A.S.A.P. Dailies or True Dental Dam, contact Clinician’s Choice at 1-800-265-3444 or visit

For over 27 years, Clinician’s Choice Dental Products Inc. has been providing dentists throughout North America and 28 countries with clinically proven products and techniques designed to solve the everyday clinical challenges of their esthetic restorative procedures. Their knowledgeable team is committed to providing innovative product solutions and leading continuing education which forms the core of the company’s values which will consistently help their clients achieve clinical excellence for their patients.

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