imP.R.E.S. Dental Education Redefined

with Amanda Seay, DDS, FAACD, FAGD and Adamo Notarantonio, DWDS, FICOI, FAACD

When a combined forty+ years of hands-on clinical experience, an uncompromising dedication to advanced training (with the AACD and Kois Center, to name a few), and a passion for excellence in cosmetic dentistry come together, the result is a successful business partnership and the creartion of imP.R.E.S Dental Education.

Both Fellow Accredited Members of the AACD, Dr. Amanda Seay and Dr. Adamo Notarantonio harnessed their collective knowledge to develop imP.R.E.S. Dental Education, an internationally recognized dental esthetics continuum. They offer intimate class sizes, top-notch lectures, and hands-on instructions. With a personal interest in the success of each of their participants, attendees can expect a deep-dive into the science and artistry of restorative dentistry, while gaining numerous practice pearls ready to put into every day practice the next day.

“Thank you Amanda and Adamo for some of the best hands-on learning I’ve ever received. My patients have received better care because of you both. Thank you for making me a better dentist.” – Anonymous review

Their commitment to advanced training and leadership has not been without award and accolades. Both Dr. Seay and Dr. Notarantonio have been awarded “Top Instructor” and their imP.R.E.S. courses awarded “Top Course Provider” from Course Karma. To their individual credit, Dr. Seay was named one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry in 2012 by Dental Products Report, while Dr. Notarantonio was awarded AACD’s Rising Star Award.

Offering five courses throughout the year that focus exclusively on cosmetic and restorative dentistry, as well as dental photography, attendees can choose from the following 2-day or 4-day intensive course options.

imPRES course, dentist attendees

The COLLIDEOSCOPE Series is an in-depth 2-day course designed to improve the skills of the dentist as it relates to dental photography. An understanding of the foundations of photography, camera equipment, principles of image capturing and protocols for editing images will be developed. Attendees will learn hands-on clinical photo techniques, portrait photography and hands-on smile design and lab communication.

The BLUEPRINT Series is an intense 2-day course that has been designed to improve the skills of the dentist as it relates to indirect esthetic restorations. The focus will be on preparation design for anterior and posterior porcelain restoration, material choices and selection processes, impression techniques and methods of provisionalization.

The FRAMEWORK Series is a 2-day course that has been designed to improve the skills of dentists as it relates to smile design, diastema closure, and the injection technique with resin. Attendees will get an understanding of smile design and its evolution as well as conventional and digital smile design techniques. They will learn basic diastema closure, digital diastema closure with a printed matrix and injection technique and using tints and opaquers for incisal effects.

The SYNERGY track is a 4-day intensive course combing the NEXUS and SYNTHESIS 2 series. NEXUS is a unique 2-day course that is designed to improve the skills of dentists as it relates to adhesive dentistry, bonding protocols, techniques and dental materials. Proper isolation will also be a major focus. SYNTHESIS is an intense 2-day course that is designed to improve the skills of dentists as it relates to shade mapping, handling of composite, artistic creation and replication of natural teeth with resin. NEXUS and SYNTHESIS courses are also offered separately.

imPRES course learning, Amanda Seay. Adamo Notarantonio

To learn more about imP.R.E.S. courses and to register for an upcoming series, visit or scan the QR code.

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