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5 Clinical Must-Haves From 5 Restorative Educators

1. A.S.A.P.® All Surface Access Polishers

5-on-5 ASAP Polishers

“A key factor in creating longevity in our work and keeping our patients smiling is the finishing and polishing step. I have tried many polishers on the market, and some were more successful in my hands than others. I was on a mission to find a system that worked consistently for all the different restorations I employ in my clinic. After having tried A.S.A.P. (All Surface Access Polishers), they instantly became a staple product in the operatory, helping us achieve a remarkable shine on our restorations. The combination of the pre-polish spiral, followed by the high shine polisher creates a unique polish that rivals ceramic. After using the A.S.A.P.’s for about 20 seconds each in sequence, I’ve been able to produce the highest shine possible of the resin material in use. I was also impressed with the longevity of the polishers themselves. Highly recommended, you won’t be disappointed.” – Sunny Virdi, DMD

Sunny Virdi, headshot, polaroid

Spend time learning from Dr. Sunny Virdi and Dr. Paresh Shah and enhance your dental education with Elevate Dentistry. Participate in hands-on workshops to implement and level up your clinical skills immediately. Visit @dmdsunny on Instagram for upcoming course events and program details.

2. True™ Dental Dam

5-on-5 dental dam

“In modern dentistry, almost every procedure requires us to bond some dental material to tooth structure. And we must work in an environment that couldn’t be less conducive to this process being successful. Impeccable isolation is a must to ensure success of these restorations and history has shown that a well-placed rubber dam is the most effective method. So why don’t more dentists use this tool? I believe the main reason is the time (perceived or actual) that it takes to put a dam in place. For me, adoption of the True Dental Dam is when this form of isolation really became my “every patient, every time” process. Before this, I struggled with placing dams and would often give up and retreat into the ease of cotton roll isolation. The elasticity and tear resistance of the True Dental Dam, along with some instruction and placement practice, has dramatically improved my clinical dentistry and concurrently lowered my stress level during adhesive procedures.” – Tony Mennito, DMD

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Dr. Tony Mennito is an instructor with both the MOD Institute and imPRES in Charleston, SC. The MOD Institute provides practical hands-on learning from world-class instructors that combines modern technology with evidence-based workflows and practices. To learn more, visit: www.themodinstitute.com

3. Compo-Ject Compule Dispensing Gun

5-on-5 Compo-Ject, compule gun

“I do have a favorite product that I don’t want to practice without and it is an instrument that doesn’t get enough attention in general: the composite gun. While we spend a great deal of time worrying about what composite and bonding resin we should be using (and rightfully so), the composite gun can make life so much easier for those of us who use compules in our composite techniques. The Compo-Ject from Clinician’s Choice is my favorite by far. Most composite guns are made from plastic which is fine, except that they can develop a film or accumulate old composite that just doesn’t look clean over time. The Compo-Ject is a sleek, cool looking, stainless steel luxury car of the composite guns. Unit dose compules snap easily into place and don’t pop out when you swivel the compule which can be so frustrating. Unloading the Compo-Ject is even easier and it feels great in my hand. Instead of just wiping it down, you can sterilize the Compo-Ject the same way you sterilize the rest of your stainless steel instruments. The Compo-Ject is a definite must-have in my operatory.” – Amanda Seay, DDS, FAGD, FAACD

Amanda Seay, headshot, polaroidDr. Amanda Seay and Dr. Adamo Notarantonio are the founders of imPRES courses that provide the latest techniques in esthetic and restorative dentistry through cutting edge, hands-on continuing dental education. imPRES courses are designed to improve the skills of the attendee so that they can put those techniques into practice the very next day. Follow @doctorseay @adamoelvis on Instagram and visit www.imprescourses.com

4. Composite Ninja

5 on 5 composite ninja instrument

“Every day. Every case. If there is one instrument that I use for virtually all of my anterior and posterior restorative cases, it is the Composite Ninja from Clinician’s Choice. I love the thin double ends that are able to access anywhere interproximally whether you want to remove excess cured composite and adhesive or use the Ninja to shape and thin composite prior to light-curing. The rigid blades are multi-angled and offset so the instrument is always ergonomically centered in my hand and won’t bend away so I am always in full control. The Composite Ninja is exceptionally useful when layering composite and you need to tuck and thin the composite interproximally. Its sharp edge cleaves off any excess composite at the incisal edge without spreading or pulling on the composite. The Composite Ninja is so versatile that it is literally five instruments to me.” – Devin McClintock, DDS

Devin McClintock, headshot, polaroid

Dr. Devin McClintock was one of a few clinicians in the country selected to partake in a 2-year residency program through the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Get incredible exposure, hands-on training, and unparalleled experience in the field of responsible esthetics with the AACD residency program. For more information, visit: www.aacd.com/residency.

5. Final Shine Cotton Polishing Wheels

5-on-5 Final Shine Polishing Wheels

“With the time and effort that I take to reproduce natural anatomy in my anterior composite restorations, I cannot imagine my finishing and polishing protocol without the Final Shine Cotton Polishing Wheel from Clinician’s Choice. Final Shine in combination with a high quality aluminum oxide polishing paste magically brings out the highest shine in my anterior composites. There is nothing else on the market to match Final Shine’s fluffy cotton fibers in their ability to enable the polishing paste to penetrate the perikymata that has been carefully created. With just a few light brushing strokes with little pressure and a small amount of polishing paste the disposable Final Shine transforms the textured composite surface into a natural high-luster shine. I couldn’t achieve my esthetic objective without it.” – David Chan, DMD, AAACD

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Strive for excellence in composite dentistry by learning at the hands of Dr. David Chan at The Center for Dental Artistry in Ridgefield, WA. The Center for Dental Artistry was an idea born by the vision of Dr. David K. Chan with the goal of providing dentists with an unparalleled interactive educational opportunity to learn the art of composite dentistry that can rival the natural beauty of human tooth structure. At this state-of the-art educational center, we are committed to helping you succeed by offering small classes, hands-on workshops, and passionate instructors that focus on the details to strive for excellence. For more information, visit: www.centerfordentalartistry.net

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