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5 Restorative Clinicians Take On Bluewave™ Soft Tissue Diode Laser


“The Bluewave diode laser is simple to use and features a rechargeable battery and cordless foot control making it easily portable from operatory to operatory. Also, the Bluewave diode is at an affordable price point and can be used for many soft tissue laser procedures.” – Susan McMahon, DMD, AAACD, FAGD

Dr. McMahon Bluewave clinical

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Dr. Susan McMahon owns a private practice in Pittsburgh, PA. She is an accredited Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry member, a Fellow of the prestigious American Society for Dental Aesthetics, and a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry. She frequently lectures across the United States on minimally invasive dentistry, technology, and conservative cosmetics.


“Soft tissue diode lasers are commonly used in dentistry for various procedures due to their ability to precisely cut or vaporize soft tissue with minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue. I use the Bluewave Soft Tissue Diode Laser frequently for various clinical procedures and enjoy its many features and compact size.” – Edward Lowe, DMD, AAACD

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Dr. Edward Lowe is a graduate of UBC Dentistry and owns a private practice devoted to functional aesthetic dentistry in Vancouver, BC. He is an accredited American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry member and has been the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry for the past 14 years.


“The use of a soft tissue laser in dentistry benefits the patient over traditional surgical techniques, resulting in a less traumatic procedure and a shortened recovery time, with minimal postop discomfort. The dentist benefits because the restoration can be completed in the same day, the laser is very easy to use with proper training and is very cost effective.” – Fred Peck, DDS, FAACD

Dr. Peck Bluewave clinical

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Dr. Fred Peck is a Cincinnati area-based general dentist. Accomplished in cosmetic dental techniques, Dr. Peck has been asked to share his skills and knowledge with his dental peers and is an ongoing lecturer all over the United States. He is an Accredited Fellow of the AACD and a graduate of The Kois Center and the Dawson Academy.


“This powerful 5W programmable soft tissue diode laser is ideal as a surgical instrument or for non invasive laser-assisted periodontal and hygiene therapy.” – William “Bo” Bruce, DMD, AAACD

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Dr. William “Bo” Bruce owns a private practice in Simpsonville, NC. A graduate of The Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Studies, he has geared his practice toward solving complex restorative and esthetic problems. Dr. Bruce is an accredited Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry member and a nationally recognized speaker on esthetics with predictability.


“A soft tissue diode laser can do many things but not limited to the treatment of oral lesions, desensitization, laser assisted periodontal therapy, and much more. The biggest benefit of using a laser for dental hygiene procedures is its ability to significantly reduce the pathogenic bacteria within the gingival sulcus.” – Beth Parkes, RDH, BSc & Kerry Lepicek, RDH

Bluewave clinical Beth Parkes Kerry Lepicek

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Beth Parkes is an international speaker who has been a Registered Dental Hygienist for nearly 20 years and has worked in General and Independent Practice, Mobile Dental Hygiene, Orthodontics and Periodontics. She is the Vice President of rdhu Inc. and leader of their Laser Training Program across Canada. Kerry Lepicek is a registered dental hygienist with more than 20 years of clinical experience and has worked in various practice settings and currently works part-time in general practice. As an international speaker, she is knowledgeable on the topics of oral biofilm, halitosis, the oral-systemic connection, and the dental hygiene process of care.

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