A Crash Course on Diode Laser and Restorative Dentistry

On Demand Webinar

Ron Kaminer, DDS

A Crash Course on Diode Lasers and Restoratives Dentistry

Don’t be intimidated! Diode lasers are a great adjunct for direct and indirect restorative dentistry. In this Live Demonstration Webinar, join us as we simplify laser science, and show you a variety of situations where using a diode laser helps improve the final outcome. A step-by-step approach for complicated Class II restorations and a simplified approach to crown and bridge impressions and scans will leave you energized and ready to incorporate lasers into your practice.

Technique Demonstration

We will demonstrate how laser energy interacts in a laboratory setting but relate it to how it will react in the mouth!

Who Should Attend:

Dentists and Hygienists who wish to incorporate diode lasers in their practice.

Learning Objectives:

Two important aspects of laser science that influence every procedure:

  1. The complicated Class II – Tissue management, perfect contacts, and a beautiful outcome;
  2. Diode lasers in crown and bridge – From impression to insert;
  3. As a bonus, we will also share a simplified approach to polishing zirconia crowns.

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