TrueCal 35% Calcium Hydroxide Paste

/TrueCal 35% Calcium Hydroxide Paste

TrueCal 35% Calcium Hydroxide Paste

TrueCal™ is an aqueous, 12.5pH, syringeable, radiopaque calcium hydroxide paste. TrueCal is ideal for use as an antimicrobial agent for apexification procedures, and as an intermediate inter-appointment canal treatment dressing.



  • 35% calcium hydroxide facilitates more than twice the calcium ion diffusion through the dentinual tubules when compared to conventional Ca(OH) products
  • Combined with high pH, provides the optimal antimicrobial effect potentially stimulating the faster healing of bone
  • Aqueousness facilitates effective, easy and thorough removal of calcium hydroxide deposits from the root canal with Citric Acid
  • Radiopacity renders superior diagnostic capability
  • Syringe delivery via a EndoFlex tip enables enhanced delivery control and precise placement into the root canal

Product Configurations


  • 4 x 1.2mL syringes, 10 x EndoFlex tips, instructions/SDS

EndoFlex Tips

  • 20-Pack Refill
  • 50-Pack Refill

Instructions for Use / SDS

Click here to view the TrueCal IFU/SDS.

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