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Heatwave Customizable Quadrant Impression Tray

HeatwaveQuadrant Impression Tray is anatomically designed and hand moldable for greater impression accuracy. Heatwave Quadrant is a more cost effective, efficient, and accurate solution for single crowns, inlays, onlays, and simple implant restorations.




  • Custom fit also allows for uniform compression of the impression material, which contributes to increased impression accuracy and a reduction in the amount of impression material used
  • Easily adapted by hand for structural variations after a 60 second hot water soak (158°F / 70°C)
  • Anatomically designed
  • Available in 2 shapes (one for quadrants UR/LL, and another for quadrants UL/LR).



Demonstration of the Heatwave Customizable Impression Tray

Product Configurations

Heatwave Quadrant 10-pack

  • 5 right trays (quadrants 1 & 3) and 5 left trays (quadrants 2 & 4)

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