Past Events


Mastering the Class IV Restoration with Dr. Robert Margeas

Your Own Office

The use of a lingual matrix to replace the lingual shelf followed by precise placement of dentin, incisal and enamel shades can yield consistent and accurate results. In this course, Dr Margeas will review many Class IV cases then perform each step of his technique, live via an interactive webinar format. Participants will then perform Dr Margeas’ Class IV case simultaneously in the comfort of their own office, LIVE.

Mastering the Class II Restoration with Dr. Marc Geissberger

Your Own Office

Through this hands-on live-streamed course participants will experience a predictable step-by-step procedure to master the perfect class II restoration. Participants will be guided through each step of the process to create life-like, beautiful class II restorations in an efficient manner.

Dr. Robert Lowe in New Orleans, LA

LSU School of Dentistry 1100 Florida Avenue, in New Orleans

Creating quality dental restorations in a consistent, predictable, and timely manner form the basis of every procedure we provide to our patients. Effective use of new technologies will help create a more pleasant patient experience, allow you to add more clinical procedures, and differentiate your practice in the marketplace. In this technique filled course, Dr. Lowe will teach the skills you need to refine your clinical skills to a level that will help you create consistent quality.

Simple Concepts to Shape and Polish Anterior Composites to Rival Porcelain with Dr. David Chan

Your Own Office

This online course provides the participants with many priceless pearls to predictably shape and polish anterior composite restorations to the level that they can rival the beauty of the most esthetic porcelain restorations every single time. Dr. Chan will discuss and demonstrate in detail the predictable techniques to develop the primary, secondary, tertiary tooth anatomy in composite restorations for any tooth shape imaginable utilizing a few simple tools and seamlessly polish those restorations within a few minutes.

FREE Live Webinar with Dr. Ron Kaminer: Teach Me to Be a Laser Dentist

FREE Live Webinar

Don’t be intimidated! Diode lasers are great adjunct for direct and indirect restorative dentistry. Join us as we simplify laser science, and show you a variety of situations where using a diode laser helps improve the final outcome. A step-by-step approach for complicated Class II restorations and a simplified approach to crown and bridge impressions and scans will leave you energized and ready to incorporate lasers into your practice.