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Course Outline:
There is nothing more frustrating for a clinician than to have a patient call to complain about post-operative sensitivity or that food is now getting stuck between my teeth and it’s hurting my gums. Not only can this cause loss of trust and add the already existing fear that some people have of dentists but can also cause the loss of a patient and/or patient’s family.

Some only consider failure as the loss or breakdown of a restoration. We need to start considering sensitivity to be a failure as well!

Is the cause of this sensitivity product related? Technique related? Both?

This program will not only discuss the sectional matrix systems that will provide tight anatomical contacts which are resistant to fracture but will also explore the restorative techniques and materials that can virtually eliminate post-operative sensitivity.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Composite prep designs that resist fracture, staining and micro-leakage.
  • Which restorations are at higher risk of sensitivity and how to prevent it.
  • Composite placement techniques.
  • Materials including matrix systems, adhesives, liners, desensitizers and curing lights.
  • How to treat the deep Class II, near pulp, and exposed pulp restorations.

Hands-on Exercises On Typodonts
Each participant will have the opportunity to try the top rated posterior matrix system and build up a Class II composite using the injection molding technique.



Course Objective:
The attendee will learn how to make a choice as to the system that will enhance clinical predictability when a post and core is necessary for added retention.

Topics to be discussed:

  • The evolution of the use of posts in dentistry
  • The modern day decision tree – when should posts be used
  • The evolution of fiber post technology and systems
  • Fiber posts – they are not all the same!
  • Manufacturing standards of fiber posts
  • The selection of the appropriate post
  • The secret to clinical success – the necessary adjunctive aids to treat the canal properly and the technique to minimize air bubbles and achieve maximum bond strength of the post and core
  • Do you need to use a post cement and then a core material or can you do it all at once?
  • So you want to put a round post into an oval canal?


  • Canal preparation
  • Ideal placement of etchant and adhesive
  • Placement of post & core build-up in one step
  • Preparation and customization of an overly flared canal
  • Time permitting, post removal