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Hands-OnLine LIVE
Interactive Dental Education Delivered Digitally
Freehand Diastema Closure with Dr. Robert Margeas
CE Credits: 2

Duration: 2 hours

4:00pm – 6:00pm PT
7:00pm – 9:00pm ET

Price: $225 + $10 processing fee.

Class registration closes one week before the class date. Register early; class sizes are limited.

Course Outline
This 2-hour live hands-on course will teach you the principals of how to treat a midline diastema without the use of wedges or a matrix system. The step-by-step approach will teach you the pull through technique that will allow a perfect contact and contour without overhangs. This no preparation approach will simplify your life and help you create natural-looking restorations without removing tooth structure. This is truly augmentation versus amputation. Finishing and polishing will be demonstrated and performed by participants to prevent any marginal staining and white lines. This simple technique can add revenue to your practice and provide long-term restorations.

Course Outcomes & Hands-On Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to use the pull through technique for tight diastema contacts
  • Finishing and polishing technique to prevent white lines
  • Learn the ideal technique for shade selection

Who Should Attend
General Esthetic Dentists
Restorative Dental Hygienists

Required Materials
Each participant should have the following items available for the Freehand Diastema Closure course:  * Slow Speed Handpiece, High Speed Handpiece, Compule Gun, Air/Water Syringe, Curing Light, Gauze, Alcohol, Loupes, Fine Football Diamond. 

** Hands-Online Kit contains: 1 x Anterior Diastema Closure Model, 1 x MPa Max Maximum Performance Adhesive, 1 x Dappen Dish, 2 x Microbrush, 4 x Mylar Strips, 1 x Composite Brush #3, 1 x Ronald Jordan #4 Instrument, 1 x Mandrel, 2 ea grit x 1/2” Finishing and Polishing Discs, 2 x 1/2″ FlexiBuff, 1 x Polishing Paste (in unit dose),

3 x 0.25g Evanesce A1 Universal Single Dose, 1 ea x ASAP Polishers (Pre-Polisher, Large and Final High Shine Polisher, Large), 1 x 1g Composite Wetting Agent, 1 x Evanesce 3-pack Sample (A1U, A2U, A3U), 1 x 30mL Template Ultra Quick Matrix Material.