Dr. Robert Margeas in Andover, MA

/Dr. Robert Margeas in Andover, MA
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Presented by New England Academy of General Dentistry


Course Description:
This course will teach you techniques that can be implemented into your practice immediately for increased efficiency and profitability. Numerous cases will be shown step by step in real time from a full time practicing dentist. Cases will include direct composite veneers, class 4’s, and diastema closures utilizing no matrices. Learn how to create surface texture that can rival porcelain.
Understanding the etiology of wear will be described. How to treat these cases over time with transitional bonding. How to determine vertical dimension and how to alter it will be described in full detail. Immediate provisionalization of implants will be shown utilizing the patient’s natural tooth on the abutment at the time of surgery. Numerous other clinical situations will be shown. As an added bonus, live demonstrations will be shown. These include the “pull through” technique for diastema closures and creating incisal translucency and surface texture for natural effects.