Dr. Michael Miyasaki in Waltham, MA

/Dr. Michael Miyasaki in Waltham, MA
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Course Outline:
The changes in today’s insurance and economic climate has made practice growth more challenging. You could work harder, but this presentation will show you another option-increasing your practice’s efficiency and decreasing the cost to deliver your services without compromising quality. And this is done with the intent to make your practice remarkable to sustain your growth intelligently. This course will also provide hands-on learning and implementation strategies that will change your practice.

You will learn to implement a dozen ideas:

  1. Proper case selection for tooth preparation without the need for an anesthetic
  2. When to etch and how to maximize longevity and minimize sensitivity
  3. How to predictably achieve anatomically contoured multi-surface posterior restorations with tight contacts and no overhangs
  4. Simple anterior diastema closure techniques
  5. No longer be concerned about depth of cure and save time with greater success placing multi-surface posterior restorations and save hours per day
  6. Modern treatment planning for aesthetics and function and good sound restorative dentistry
  7. Aesthetic case presentation
  8. Making perfect impressions
  9. Fabrication of one to twenty-eight temporaries in 10 minutes or less and why you would want to
  10. How to give your assistant a breather
  11. Cementation of aesthetic restorations of different materials simplified
  12. How to make your practice remarkable